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Novel Cafe (Ocean Park Blvd.) Featured Image
Novel Cafe (Ocean Park Blvd.)
Novel Cafe (Ocean Park Blvd.)
2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Sorry, but this store is currently not accepting pickup orders

Novel Cafe (Ocean Park Blvd.)

2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Welcome to The Novel Caf, where the traditions of a classic caf-style establishment have been fused with elegant twists. With several locations serving the ultra-competitive Santa Monica area of Los Angeles, and each offering a unique and fulfilling experience, The Novel Caf has become something of a staple amidst the sandwich-and-coffee venue circuit. Our legions of fans dont just flock to us for a bite to eatthey come for an awakening of taste buds the way only our food and drink artists know how to do it.

Every Novel Caf location has become synonymous with offering not only gourmet sandwiches and incredibly rich and savory organic coffees, but specialty dishes such as pastas, salads and even mouth-watering burgers. And while each of our locations boasts its own individual menu, they all maintain one focusa focus on preparing each and every menu item with nothing but the freshest, most delicious of ingredients.

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Weve also become known for our freshly-squeezed, cold-pressed juices, all served in-house at all of our locations. Our juices are sourced from a hydraulic cold-press juicer to ensure the best in raw juice nutrition. Our cold-pressed juicer utilizes a low-heat process which enables the extracted, pulp-free juice to preserve all the essential vitamins and enzymes so you reap the maximum health benefits.

Fresh, fast, healthy, and homemade are the adjectives to describe the Novel Cafes. Our large variety of quality menu items ensures theres something for everyone at our cafes.

Not only does Novel Caf serve delectable dishes to our customers dining in with us, we also let customers order pickup online through the OrderAhead app! Come join us at one of our three Santa Monica locations today: 2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, 2507 Main Street or 2127 Lincoln Boulevard.

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